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What Corporate Partnerships with Nonprofits Look Like

Successful nonprofit-corporate partnerships are, above all else, mutually beneficial. Nonprofit organizations no longer have to bear the brunt of driving social change alone. The world of corporate-nonprofit partnerships has since moved past dull corporate philanthropy toward a more collaborative, integrated and impactful system.
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Sports Event Management & Sponsorship

Brands generate business value, and the sports business is no exception. Sports events provide a unique promotional platform for an organization, charity, city, region, or country to brand itself. The branding possibilities also extend to individuals, as well.
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Corporate Nonprofit Partnerships

Companies are now playing a direct role in driving social change, leading to more collaborative and impactful corporate nonprofit partnerships. Ultimately, what makes such partnerships successful is value alignment. When values and missions align, corporate nonprofit partnerships allow the organizations involved to make bigger strides in bettering their community.
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6 Ways to Secure a Nonprofit Corporate Partnership

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you know how restrained budgets can be, especially when reliant only on grants and donations for funding. Securing nonprofit corporate partnerships is another way to increase revenue and provide much-needed funding to further support your mission.
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Best Companies to Approach for Sponsorship

Many people ask, “What are the best companies to approach for sponsorship for my nonprofit?” Although a great question, this post expands on the difference between a sponsorship and a partnership and how the right partnership can catapult your nonprofit into a new direction to fulfill its mission and purpose.
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